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Annual Report and Accounts 2015

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The AA at a glance

We offer a range of products and services within our Roadside Assistance, Insurance Services and Driving Services divisions in the UK and we have a business in Ireland, which replicates most of the operations and activities of the UK.

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Financial highlights

Trading EBITDA
Cash conversion
Net debt
Adjusted basic EPS
Basic EPS
Interest cover


Trading EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation) excludes exceptional items, share-based payments, acquisition earn-out costs and items not allocated to a segment. In the current period items not allocated to a segment principally relate to the difference between the cash contributions to the pension schemes for on-going service and the calculated annual service cost.

Adjusted basic EPS (earnings per share) adjusts for a number of one-offs of which the largest are exceptional items and the amortisation of debt issue fees. This is covered more fully in note 9 to the accounts.

Cash conversion is net cash inflw from operating activities before tax and exceptional items divided by Trading EBIT interest cover is Trading EBITDA divided by cash fiance costs, excluding any early repayment fees.

Net debt includes the principal amounts of the Group’s borrowings less cash and cash equivalents.

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Annual Report and Accounts 2015

Annual General Meeting

Our AGM is on 9 June 2015. For details and documents visit our Corporate website

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